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    Ningbo Renhe Machinery Bearing Co.,LTd.is located in the South Bank of the longest Hangzhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge in the world - the city of "China bearing town",which is 6 kilometers away from the export of Shenyang Haikou high speed nunnery.Covers an area of 55000 square meters,the factory area of 35000 square meters, with a total assets of 1 billion yuan,400 employees.

    Ningbo Renhe Machiney is a specialty manufacturer of mini and medium size low noise deep groove ball bearings in a pore size range of φ5-50 mm in six grades of 0,2,3,4,9 and 16 series.Ningbo Renhe Machinery has an annual production capability of over 50 milion sets of various bearings find wide application level of P5 and P6 under the registered trademarks"RUWH".The bearings find wide application in motorelevator,motorbike,engine,diesel engine,gasoline,speed reducer,automotive appliances and motor-driven tools.

    At the same time,the company produces cycloid pin gear reducer core parts, pin teeth, pin gear, pin and pin sleeve, and the output and quality are the first in the same industry.

    The company is a member of CHINA REDUCER AND VARIATO ASSOCIATION,a member of Zhejiang bearing industry association,IS09001 quality system and CQC bearing product certification enterprise. For many years, the enterprise has won the honorary title of "Zhejiang province heavy contract and credit enterprise","Ningbo star enterprise","key and mainstay enterprise of Cixi","the first harmonious enterprise of Cixi"and so on.  

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